Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Dear Lola, 

It has been both heart warming & hilarious watching you take on caring for your two big chicks birdie & beaka. This last week you have really taken an extra interest in their well being, and each morning I can find you doing this... (with absolutely no hesitation or coaching from me whatsoever.)

1. Round em' up & play chasies on your trike.

 2. Have a chat about all sorts of worldly things.

3. More exercise & chasing

4. You spot yucky chick poop & race to grab the broom - "like papa told me to!"

5. Prepare feed for the chicks


6. "Come and get it chicks!"

7. Apparently mixing it up with a leaf is "cooking it"

8. See! It's easy peasy! 

And your final words "I think my tiger shoes will roar at them now - ROAARR!"

I'm loving every bit about this 25 month old you.

Your mama

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