Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dear Lola, 

I have been taking a few photos in black and white lately. Because, 1) Sometimes papa turns the camera setting to black and white & I don't notice until I look back at the photos, and 2) I get a rather comforting, nostalgic feeling when peeping at a colourless world. Everything becomes quiet & still... which is pretty much the opposite of what it is like around here most of the time!

 hello kitchen

hello little wooden kitchen

 frolicking in the flowers (courtesy of Jules)

 sunny spot

  the garden blooms

what a wonderful world

a bite to eat

 checking out where papa is

 best be off to find him then...


 a tasting tray = success

because most evenings end in dancing/playing whilst wearing teapot cosies on their heads.

gnome cuddles

Your mama

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  1. Lovely post Ash. You and Marty take such gorgeous photos, I'm always thrilled to see new ones on here and facebook. The black and white ones are especially nice - there is a mood to them that is lost with colour photos. I love to hear about what you get up to together! xox