Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Dear Lola,

A few happy snaps from our days, as well as some of our most recent & favourite thrifted treasures.

1. Higher!

2. Lazing lizards. (you have a little trouble pronouncing your L's - which is a tricky thing when your first & second name feature 4 of them! To help you, we have been making up silly songs & riddles that feature the letter 'L' - therefore here we are, lazing lizards lying on a large, lovely rock!)

3. One guess which is my lunch...

4. Salt & Pepper shakers + one sneaky hand - $1
5. Embroidered flowers - $2
6. Your choice of one toy from the op shop - great choice!- 50c
7. Embroidered wool pillow - $2
8. And my favourite - a HUGE knitted throw - $4

9. Cracking & gobbling macadamias

10. Sleepy supervisor/crochet blanket -$1

11. Morning music with Miss Button!

12. Good practise

13. Friendly gathering...
14. ...with more kids than you can poke a stick at!
15. 3 in the tub

16. Spring & sprinklers
17. Wake up snuggles

18. Nothing compares.

In other news, we just got back from the eye doctor who confirmed that you have perfect vision. You had to identify a series of pictures & didn't miss a beat- even going above & beyond. When shown a picture of a hand you said "that's a hand for finger painting!" - a picture of a teapot was greeted with "that's a teapot for a cuppa tea!". And you responded to a picture of a boat with people on it with- "that's a sailing boat... hello friends!" you shouted as you waved at the picture. But you got most excited over a picture of flowers - "That's Oma's flowers, water them, oh, oh butterfly!"
You made the Doctor giggle so much she sent you on your way with a balloon and lolly pop.What a lucky girl you are!

ps - please note our first visit to the the eye doctor a week earlier did not have such a happy ending. You were having trouble with a bowel movement you poor thing, & there were tears. Lots & lots of tears... and lots & lots of you repeating "I'm trying!" Needless to say this visit was a vast improvement!

Your mama

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