Thursday, 12 April 2012

Dear Lola, 

Nothing quite beats the sight of freshly made & hung curtains. 

Well maybe Papa fixing the bbq is an exception...

We have been happily pottering around our home. You have been a busy little bee mowing the lawn (thanks to the mower you got from Oma & Grandpa as an Easter treat), and keeping an eye out for bush turkey's. 

I'm armed and not afraid to use it!

 Three trips to Spotlight saw us limp away with four awesome rugs (thanks to a cool 70% discount). And with this cold snap upon us, our feet are relishing in the woolly goodness underfoot.  

But amid the chill of Autumn we give thanks that the sun continues to shine.... and as long as that sun is shining, we will continue to throw open the doors and welcome it in.

Here's to a sunny Autumn my smiley sunshine kid. 

Your mama

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  1. Loving all the new house posts, and your style of course!!!! x